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The design of your brand has the power to change how people perceive your business and how they value your work.

The details matter: the curve of a typeface, the visuals that you use, the specific tone of colour and textures used, the continuity between your print material, website or social media – all of this presents a picture of you to your audience. Design is a visual present that unlocks the power within your brand.

We have seen how a weak brand can get in the way of a business reaching its full potential. However with the right focus, vision and creativity applied the opportunities and doors that open are endless.

We are advocators of creating brands that are engaging, tribe building, provide traction and demonstrate the value in what you do.

Creativity, style and design

More than just pretty pictures

Easily dismissed as only accessory and not a necessity to design, style gives you the edge, empowers you to be seen in the way you want and elevates what you do.

With a creativity at the forefront of everything we do at Nusom & Wilde, we use our skill and passion to capture more than attention with your logo but harness the spirit of your brand and the imagination of your customers through quality visual communication.

We do this by styling and designing your brand with the customer in focus and in a way that communicates your story through a purposeful, strategic and visual digital composition.

It is imperative that your visual identity  not only delivers information to prospective clients but communicates your business with confidence.

Design services

Your business styled your way

Branding & style

Your image

Design is at the heart of everything we do at Nusom & Wilde.

Our core aim is to ensure that you get the best out of your business from a visual and graphic representation – your brand. Nusom & Wilde provide the art of combining images, type, colour and space to visually communicate you, your services and your products – YOUR BUSINESS.

This is your brand and we can bring it to life through a strategic and consultative approach.

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graphics & media

How you wear it

Graphics and visuals are a key method of promoting and selling your services and product. They provide a visual representation of your business and relays information in words and pictures with the core aim of capturing attention and making an impact.

Have you ever thought to yourself “do I look good in this?” That same question can be applied to your business and the role that visual media plays in communicating your brand message.

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Creative Content

Flaunt it

Nusom & Wilde believe that in the near future the term ‘content marketing’ will become obsolete; it will become the way ALL brands market themselves. If you think for a moment: no content means no website, SEO, social media, PR or advertising. This effectively means there would be no marketing full-stop.

Nusom & Wilde can provide you with strategic content generation that supports not only the ever changing digital landscape but present your business effectively across all platforms – web, mobile and social.

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Social Media

Online window to your business

For customers and website visitors today social media is often the first port of call. We provide social media strategy that pieces together your online and offline offering.  Our strategy takes uses a 4 stage format:

  • Social media Audit – your current landscape
  • Social media workshop – 1 to 1 workshop
  • Social media playbook – when, where and how to post
  • Objective setting and ongoing review

In addition to our strategy, effective social media is heavily reliant on creative content that brings your brand to life and connects with your target audience.

Nusom & Wilde can provide you with dedicated social media content design full circle creative campaign support. Our creative team and resources are able to help you with all of your content elements of content including photography, videography, copywriting and styling your social spaces so as to maximise the value of all  of you content marketing.

With the majority of social media traffic originating from mobile devices it is imperative that your brand presence has the visual support to engage and connect with your audience wherever they are.

It is not about just being everywhere, it is about standing out where you are

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